europeana Logo Since 2007, ACE is a member of the Europeana Foundation which runs, the cultural heritage portal giving access to millionsbooks, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout Europe. It is an authoritative source of information coming from European cultural and scientific institutions.  ACE and FIAF archives contribute films and related material to Europeana via the European Film Gateway. Latest updates on Europeana’s main activities, including standards, technical, legal and policy documentation as well as public resources from the Europeana group of projects are available on Europeana Professional.

Europeana Network and Members Council 

The Europeana Network is an open forum for content providers, aggregators, and technical and legal experts across Europe. The Network has elected the Members Council, which also takes seats in the in the Foundation Board, to make sure that the voice of the Network is heard. Kerstin Herlt, Head of the ACE office, has been elected to the Members Council in 2014.

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Latest documents:

For for more information and resources, visit Europeana Professional


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