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28 November 2015 – Since July 2014,  leading Film Heritage Institutions and cinema organisations are working together in the ABCinema project to share best practices and to explore, on a pan European level, creative approaches to encourage children, young people and teachers to engage with film heritage.  The ABCinema website gives now access to first
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ACE workshop „Showing a Film is Not Enough” – Cinema Programming in the Digital Era“

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30 September 2015 – The constant development of digitization broadens the access to the film market. When film can be accessed from everywhere, cinemas, and particularly those that show classical and silent films, must find innovative ways to engage with audiences. At the 5th ACE workshop, which took place in Bologna on 3rd July 2015,
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ABCinema Sprint at Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham, 27-29 March 2015

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19 March 2015 – ABCinema goes UK:  Co-organised by ABCinema partner Watershed (Bristol) as part of the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham, the 3-day sprint will explore innovative approaches to engage the next generation in film heritage and culture outside the formal education environment.The event brings together experts from Europe’s film archives, cinema practitioners and young
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