Digital Agenda for Film Archives

ACE Position Paper on Digital

“A digital agenda for film archives” (Thomas C. Christensen/Mikko Kuutti) describes the challenges of the digital turn and discusses the role of the archives in this process. Compared to analogue preservation, digital archiving requires very different workflows, technologies and skills. While most of the traditional analogue tasks will continue, film archives must also be prepared to perform proper digital archiving. This has impact on many levels such as curatorship, screening, preservation, distribution and access, training, funding, and legal issues.  Read the paper

“Digital Agenda for European Film Heritage” – DAEFH. Final Report

The Commission has publisehd the final report of the Study on the challenges of the digital era for film heritage institutions . The Study was launched in January 2011 to assess the impact of digitisation for European film archives. It has been conducted  by peacefulfish Productions Ltd, subcontractors were Red Cat Technologies, the University of Helsinki/IPR University Center and the external expert Nicola Mazzanti. Preliminary results of the Study were presented and discussed by film archivists, technologists and representatives of the European film industry during a workshop in Brussels on 20 September 2011.

Read the final report.

Executive Summary in English, French (edited versions) and German.

See presentations of the DAEFH Workshop.

More information about the DAEFH Study.