Copyright & Orphan Works

High Level Expert Group/ Copyright Subgroup (2007-2009)

Linked to the i2010: Digital libraries initiative, the High Level Expert Group was set up by the Commission to solve existing copyright issues, which are considered to be the main barrier for accessing film and cultural heritage online. ACE was a member of the HLEG Copyright Subgroup to find solutions for orphan works, especially for film as a relatively “young” medium, and out-of-distribution works . The Copyright Subgroup developed key principles for rights clearance centers and databases. A working group of AV stakeholders co-chaired by ACE established due diligent search criteria for orphan works. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 4 June 2008 by representatives of right holders and cultural institutions, amongst them ACE.

Green Paper “Copyright in the Knowledge Economy” (07/2008)

Purpose of the Green Paper is to foster a debate on how knowledge for research, science and education can best be disseminated in the online environment. It deals with exceptions and limitations to exclusive rights for libraries, museums and archives in order to increase access to cultural heritage.

Assessing the Orphan Works Issue (05/2010)

Fact finding on the amount of orphan works within the collections of cultural institutions as well as the time and effort involved in rights clearance.