ACE Workshop Collection Management Tools in the 21st Century, Bologna, 27/06/2017

Since 2011, ACE is regulary organising workshops on the topic “Strategies for Film Heritage Institutions in the Digital Era” to better understand the challenges of the digital shift. What kind of strategies and tools do archives need to change mindsets and worksflows? In 2017,  ACE organised two workshops on metadata management. The first workshop “Metadata Management in Film Archives: Putting the Cinematographic Works Standard EN 15907 to use and introducing the new FIAF Cataloguing Manual” took place at the Brandenburgisches  Zentrum für Medienwissenschaften – ZEM in Potsdam, co-organised by FIAF. The second workshop was held during Il Cinema Ritrovato festival in Bologna, focusing on non film collections, Linked (Open) Data, and the advantages of developing a non-proprietary collection management tool to be shared among the community of film archives.

 Workshop Programme

Participants List

Workshop Summary


1.Extending the FIAF Moving Image Cataloguing Manual and FIAF Glossaries using LoD
 Stephen McConnachie (BFI), presented by Anna Fiaccarini  (Cinteca di Bologna) and Bram Biesbrouck (Cinémathèque royale de Belgique)  → Presentation (pdf)

2.Management tools for non-film collections
Anna Fiaccarini (Cineteca di Bologna)    Presentation (pdf)

3.Linked Data in film archives
Bram Biesbrouck and Bruno Mestdagh (CRB)  Presentation (pdf)

4. A proposal for an European film archives collections management system
Juan Ignacio Lahoz Rodrigo (CulturArts – IVAC), Nicola Mazzanti (ACE, Cinémathèque royale de Belgique)  Presentation (pdf)