Professional Training – Film Restoration / FIAF Summer School

Film Restoration Summer School / FIAF Summer School

The project of the Film Restoration Summer School – FIAF Summer School, which was initiated in 2007, is part of a wider training programme of the Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF) established in 1973. The main goal of the Summer School consists in having participants trained in film restoration and in the preservation of film heritage through the adoption and application of analogue and digital technologies. From 2007-2012 FIAF, ACE and the MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Union combined their efforts with the Cineteca di Bologna and L’Immagine Ritrovato to organize the Film Restoration Summer School / FIAF Summer School in Bologna.

Description and objectives: While there are many private and state film archives, specialized laboratories are quite few in number. Every year a considerable number of titles are restored by numerous film archives. Therefore, it appears necessary for today’s curators and their staff to be trained in the use of the newest digital equipment for the preservation and restoration of film heritage, and to learn about digital strategies for access to material. Furthermore, all students who are interested in working in a film archive and/or film restoration laboratory in the near future should develop highly specialized digital and photochemical skills to enter this field.

The project’s main objective is to teach and update participants on how to restore and preserve a film through the use of photochemical and new digital technologies. Participants will have the chance to experience everyday work in a highly specialized laboratory; they will follow every step of the process through all departments, from beginning to end. Film Restoration / FIAF Summer School participants are expected to develop and practise a specific set of skills: operating all digital and photochemical equipment in an archive and/or laboratory; following a complete restoration workflow; performing all the primary necessary operations needed to restore a film; evaluating the state of conservation of a film and choosing the best practice to restore, reconstruct and preserve it.

Target Group: The courses aim at specialists and people who work in the film industry, such as archivists and staff working at FIAF archives. Priority is given to people working for FIAF and ACE members. The training is generally conceived for an international target group, and is taught by an international panel of the best experts from different countries. Skill evaluation determines a separation into different groups on the basis of personal CV and film archive experience.

Application Process: Participants are selected according to their CV, commitment, and motivation. All applications are examined by a special commission composed of representatives of FIAF, ACE, and the Cineteca di Bologna. Approx. 30 participants are selected.

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